OAK FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED is a Finance House under the Companies Code 193, (Act 179) and licensed by Bank of Ghana in 1997. The Company’s registered office is situate at 5 Standfast Street, Kokomlemle, Accra.


The founders of OAK were men with extensive banking experience at the very highest levels. The late Mr. K. N. Owusu was a Managing Director of Ghana Commercial Bank and at one time Managing Director of Ghana Cocoa Board. Mr P.T.N. Quartey (deceased) was Head of Foreign Operations and later principal of Ghana Commercial Bank Training School. Mr. A. T. Addy was for many years a member of the management team of the London branch of Ghana Commercial Bank (now Ghana International Bank London) with responsibility for the Trade Finance Department. OAK's Management team headed by Dr. Alexander Kwame Archine has the proven track record, expertise and requisite capacity to continue to manage the opportunity of expanding the economic frontiers of its business and thereby improve upon stakeholder value.


To continue to deliver quality, efficient, and prompt service in solving emergency financing needs of target clients. We seek dominant position in our target market by actualising our cherished brand logo of "MONEY WHEN YOU NEED IT". We provide superior value and ethical service to our customers as we strive to maximise our stakeholders' value.


Our corporate key objective is to attain and maintain a position as a major player in the Non-Bank financial sector by steadily increasing our share of that market


We are guided by the following fundamental values;


Customer needs drive our business and we strive to exceed their expectations.


We work together to reach across job titles and responsibilities, we encourage open communication in order to share ideas and expertise, allowing teamwork to bring the best of OAK to our customers.


In the conduct of our business, high ethical standards are applied in all situations to create confidence in OAK among customer and other stakeholders.


We are always looking for ways to improve, encouraging innovative and creative thinking to find new sources of income to control costs to enhance service quality and to work more efficiently.


We view our employees as our greatest resource and provide opportunities for them to achieve their hopes, goals and career aspirations. We provide an equal opportunity for them to contribute to the Company in an environment which links pay and advancement to performance and achievements.